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5th Sep 2020, 6:00 AM in A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1
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Dry Run
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Newbiespud 5th Sep 2020, 6:00 AM edit delete
Still kind of blows my mind that, with an episode that introduces "The main character's sibling who they care about so much but was totally unmentioned before now!" and "The third extra-special alicorn princess of lovey-doveyness!" at the same time two seasons in, the show really stuck the landing on these two characters.

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dziadek1990 5th Sep 2020, 6:08 AM edit delete reply
Speaking of, I also loved the portrayal of Apple siblings' parents. They were shown just for one episode, and BOY were they shown! :D
Winged Cat 5th Sep 2020, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
Technically two, if you count a certain cometary reference.
msolec2000 5th Sep 2020, 6:13 AM edit delete reply
Not to mention the main villain (by number of appearances as villain)
ANW 5th Sep 2020, 6:14 AM Story time edit delete reply
Wedding stories.
And yes that includes crashing it.
FanOfMostEverything 5th Sep 2020, 7:14 AM edit delete reply
I won't lie, I was... lukewarm on both characters at first. I still love poking fun at the Sparkle family's apparent inability to communicate. Still, we've gotten some great work out of the concepts of both Shining and Cadence. It all worked out in the end.
Famout 5th Sep 2020, 7:34 AM edit delete reply
It was the music number that sold me, it was going already fairly good but all of a sudden a Disney grade song comes belting out from the villain/hero and I just had to fall in love with the show.

Of course finding out later the music had a pun in it (a "deceptive cadence") was just icing on the cake.
Jannard 5th Sep 2020, 8:37 AM edit delete reply
By goodness, yes! That song was a before and after for that season-ending special. I mean, they did manage to make me forget how much of an ass-pull they were doing before that (merit of the pacing and characters, since the set-up and some plot bits never stopped being just... silly), but it was that musical number that really sealed the deal for me too.
Digo Dragon 5th Sep 2020, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
Digo Dragon
I loved the song too! Probably on my top 5.

I remember when Hasbro aired the two episodes and did like... this royal wedding thing around it, with hosts and interviews and all the bells. It was pretty amusing.
Jennifer 7th Sep 2020, 7:58 AM edit delete reply
Having watched the wedding that inspired it, I was particularly tickled to see them invent ponified versions of the actual fascinator hats and the groom's Irish Guards uniform, complete with clover badge. I'm pretty sure there isn't an Ireland-equivalent in Equestria...
Wulfraed 7th Sep 2020, 8:01 AM edit delete reply
It's probably near Trottingham
RuBoo 5th Sep 2020, 8:07 PM edit delete reply
I liked the songs in Part 2. Namely "This Day Aria" and "Love Is In Bloom". The former's a great way to introduce Cadance, and the latter... Is just a nice song, really.
Ransom 5th Sep 2020, 10:56 AM edit delete reply
I’ll confess to still having mixed feelings on this episode, perhaps more so looking back. It has so many cool elements but I’d argue you can kind of see the seams of the plot being thrown together as Faust left the show, like with how Luna has to be added almost in post production. Really, the only thing that truly bugs me is Celestia being Worfed in the way she was. I feel at the very least it could have been done in a way that didn’t leave her looking weak the first time we actually see her physically confront a villain.
RuBoo 5th Sep 2020, 8:12 PM edit delete reply
Don't see it as, "wow, she's weak". Look at it as, "if she unleashed her full power, everypony else in the room, including her adopted niece and her faithful student, would also be vaporized, and she does not want that". Like how Sonic doesn't run at top speed because it would tear apart everything around him. Never stated in-canon, pure fanon, but it works so well, makes so much sense.
Ransom 5th Sep 2020, 11:17 PM edit delete reply
See, I get that, they even have Chrysalis looked shocked and admit she didn’t know Shining Armor’s love was going to power her up like that and her win was a fluke. I’m totally down with that explanation...I just wish the show would do a better job of presenting that!

As presented, our first ever case of Celestia trying to confront a villain ends with her being straight up beat. Explanations don’t really matter compared to perception in that case. The mane 6 also failed in capturing the elements, but the lasting image isn’t them getting captured, it’s Pinkie Pie using Twilight as a gatling gun. People talked about wanting Celestia to have a “World of Cardboard” moment like Superman against Darkseid (I’ll assume everyone knows what I’m talking about). Superman was also bested by Darkseid immediately after that, but because we still got to see him show his power before a cheap trick took him out, the thing our brains remember is him punching a villain through several buildings after an intense speech. If Celestia blasts Chrysalis across the city, but then has to surrender after the Mane 6 are captured and held hostage, or is simply overwhelmed by changeling numbers (or whatever), I really believe it’s a totally different feel. I absolutely buy the explanation that she could do this or that but circumstances prevent her but it’s frustrating that we never get to see it. My feeling is it started a trend for how Celestia is written that she never really recovered from.

Hope this doesn’t come off as a rant, or anti-Celestia. She’s honestly my favorite character in the show so I sometimes get weird complaining about her presentation online.
CrowMagnon 6th Sep 2020, 12:24 PM edit delete reply
I think it makes sense. A bit like when a character is last seen doing a specific action and then the POV never returns to them afterward. In your mind, they're just continuing to do the same action until you see them doing something different. By the same token, the only direct measure of Celestia's power that we see aside from whatever is implicit in "raised the sun and moon by herself for a thousand years" is shown when she's quickly taken out. By a villain who is vastly more powerful in that moment than she should be otherwise, yes, but there's very little context backing Celestia up in the series itself at that point.
Dakkath 7th Sep 2020, 9:56 AM edit delete reply
Cadence didn't get much better from the writers in this regard. First appearance: only manages to save the day via deu ex machina love cataclysm wave. Second appearance: Holding up a shield while Shining's got arcanile dysfunction and then used as a projectile to save Spike. Everything after that is centered around her being a mom or being the weakest of the three non-Twilight princesses.
Ransom 8th Sep 2020, 7:38 AM edit delete reply
I like her pretty well in this episode. In hindsight, being regulated so firmly to the background for the Crystal Empire episodes to start season 3 really hurt her, given that we basically missed out on a story about her discovering and connecting with the long lost Empire she was (deeply implied to be) heir to but had never seen. You really can't get back that opportunity. That said, like this episode I actually like that premiere for what it was! And if nothing else there's a ton of room to make headcannons and fanfiction for.
Conan Sparkle 5th Sep 2020, 12:14 PM edit delete reply
There is always only one truth! The criminal is... You *Point with the finger/hoof*
Wulfraed 6th Sep 2020, 7:26 AM edit delete reply
That sentence is almost the whole point of "One Night Ultimate Werewolf" (or Vampire, or any of the other related genres).

After going through a narrated sequence of actions (look at your character card, close your eyes, werewolves open your eyes and identify each other, ... all open your eyes) and you then have something like 5 minutes to decide who will be accused. If the accused IS a werewolf, the group wins, if not, you've lynched an innocent and the group loses.
BackSet 6th Sep 2020, 11:55 AM edit delete reply

(Sorry, your comment reminded me of Ace Attorney and I just had to say it)
BackSet 6th Sep 2020, 11:56 AM edit delete reply
Actually, now that I think about it, Take That! probably would probably have made more sense in this situation. Oh well.

Take That!
Samwise 7th Sep 2020, 9:05 PM edit delete reply
Hold it!!!
BackSet 9th Sep 2020, 9:05 AM edit delete reply
kimjongunbabbies 7th Sep 2020, 11:58 PM edit delete reply
And now I'm all caught up after over a week of archive-trawling.

My invisible hat is off to you for bringing this comic into existence and for keeping it up even after the show has ended. It's been my obsession/personal escape from reality for the past several days, and I'm eagerly anticipating the next update. You've thoroughly impressed me with your writing, thoughtful takes on player psychology, and sense of humor from start to, well, now.

Bravo to you, and thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I hope it continues to carry you forward through all the darkness in your life.

And happy belated birthday, by the way.