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23rd Nov 2019, 5:00 AM in Intermission 13
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Them's Dicin' Words, Part 2
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Author Notes:

Newbiespud 23rd Nov 2019, 5:00 AM edit delete
Author: Paper Shadow

Guest Author's Note:
"These comics went through a lot of rewrites in my head. At one point it was going to be a one-shot for the main group. The personalities of these new characters often changed and were refined. I have new found appreciation to anyone who makes web comics, they are pretty hard to do. In the end, I found a range of player stereotypes not explored in the main series which I hope to explore more in future guest comics (if I'm allowed to come back that is, haha).

Feel free to share stories of how games you were a part of introduced a new player to an already ongoing campaign."

Notice: Guest comic submissions are open! Guidelines here. Deadline: January 27th, 2023.



dziadek1990 23rd Nov 2019, 5:42 AM edit delete reply
My story's not 100% fitting the prompt, but I don't have anything else:

My campaigns kept ending early due to early deaths of irresponsible players, or due to me having so many players that rarely our time tables aligned... or due to my too-ambitious-storytelling-plans-that-I-then-failed-to-deliver-and-extended-the-hiatus-forever.

Since all my campaigns ended so early, I kept reusing the same continent-nation in them. The only thing that changed each time was the starting location and the initial NPC and the starting events and the plots of the first sessions. All Great Cosmic History Of That World And Universe stayed unchanged., due to all those campaigns' similarities, IF we count them as one and the same campaign with an ever-changing cast of players...

...there was a moment when I was leading a campaign with a new player, NOT present in any of the previous groups. He was one other player's brother.

The one notable thing I recall him doing was trying to interrogate a stranger whose lungs he just punctured. Pink bloody foam kept pouring out of the poor guy's mouth, and naturally this made the speech impossible for him. Especially since he died soon after.
andreas002 23rd Nov 2019, 6:04 AM edit delete reply
Not a new player, but a new character to replace one that died.

So we were exploring a dungeon and encountered some evil alien doggies. They howled, and due to the dice hating us, everyone except the rogue failed their (extremely easy) saves to avoid running away in fear. The rogue decided this would be a good time to move behind one of the hounds, taking an attack of opportunity and letting them flank him.
He died the next round.
So now the floating dogs were chasing the anime catgirl sorcerer, while the wizard and the fighter were randomly running through the corridors. The sorcerer jumped off a cliff into the ocean, turned invisible, and began failing swim checks trying to get away as a still very visible outline of missing water. She did manage to get away eventually, after burning most of her slots on immediate action damage resistance.
The fighter and wizard met up in the room where we'd earlier defeated some evil NPCs, and the dead rogue decided to change characters to the one NPC we captured and just left there tied up, a chaotic evil wizard. We went "Eh, we trust you now" and untied the now-retconned-to-be-Chaotic-Neutral wizard, who immediately agreed to join up.
There was also something in the CE CN wizard's backstory that she cares a lot about someone we killed earlier in the campaign and would go berserk at anyone who hurt him, but we just decided never to mention that unimportant character again.

Shortly after, we decided to interrupt the dungeon crawl to go look for the dark soul and revive our dead rogue, which took several days during which the dungeon boss got bored and left, but that's a tale for another time.
dziadek1990 23rd Nov 2019, 6:07 AM edit delete reply
A large challenge for Paper Shadow will be drawing fierce-looking characters doing kindly facial expressions without changing their face structure.

I wonder how Tianhuo will look with a non-fierce "kind heart" / "empathetic" expression... if there will come a situation in this comic where she will have to express that emotion.

[looks up stuff online]

Huh... her non-fierce faces on the official art have her with a different cheekbone/snout structure. A bit more chubby/childish...
Digo 23rd Nov 2019, 6:46 AM edit delete reply
In Shadowrun, it was easy for us to intro new or replacement PCs. We just pretend that they're hired onto our team by the Johnson.

But one time we were in the middle of an extraction job when the team infiltrator blew himself up setting a trap for the guards.

The player creates a street Sam and the GM was quick to get him into the adventure: he's one of the guards for the facility we broke into, and decided to quit his job for the shadows because it pays better and he wanted to get back at his employer. So we bribed him to let us escape and he came with us. Easy peasy that time. :3

Harder to do in a game like d&d if you're in the middle of a dungeon, but not terrible. We had a PC join up when we found him in a prison cell, held by some bugbears.
KS_Claw 23rd Nov 2019, 7:19 AM edit delete reply
In my campaing (that's currently on hold due to rl things), my group went to Chult as part of the Tomb of Annihilation campaign. One new player came in around our third session. He was a fighter, who was known for getting in trouble and was approached by one of the Merchant Princes we had spoken with in the previous session. Said prince told him, that he had the choice to either go with our group and work as a protector and guide through the jungles of Chult... or, he could do the Running of the Riverways (it was "running of" something, it's been a while). Short of the long, the latter was basically a race for life. Prisoners would be running through dried riverways through Port Nyanzaru, while being chased by carnivorous dinosaurs. Winners could get a later chance at becoming gladiators or otherwise famous. Losers... well, needless to say, our new guy decided to become our guide instead.
Assembler 23rd Nov 2019, 7:25 AM edit delete reply
One of my friends invited me and my brother to join his Pathfinder campaign. They were in the middle of the Crypt of the Everflame module and had just had a nasty encounter with a shadow in which the cleric almost died from Strength damage. The GM's explanation was that the local mayor, who'd originally hired the party, grew concerned after a week passed with no word and sent our characters to find out what happened; the answer turned out to be that the party holed up in a room while the cleric recovered.
Borg 23rd Nov 2019, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
In my current campaign, the party was recruited by a secret society and said society assigned the new player (a cleric) to join us on our mission so we wouldn't die.

I can't say I remember the details; I wasn't paying much attention, because I was dead at the time due to a trap another player had set off.
Winged Cat 23rd Nov 2019, 9:58 AM edit delete reply
Winged Cat
In the Pokemon-verse campaign I'm running now, a criminal Team has taken over a region. About halfway through, the party found a semi-organized resistance cell, and proceeded to disrupt the Team's influence on the area. Seeing this, the cell decided that a certain one of their members (whose skills synced more with the party's than with the cell's) could do more damage to the Team by going with the party.

In a previous game, with a Final Fantasy-esque world where aliens had tried and failed to invade and everyone on all sides spent the next century recovering, one of the mid-game-introduced PCs had been betrayed and shot down during the invasion then brooded since (she didn't look over 100 years old); another was a sentient machine that had become trapped and was waiting in sleep mode.
albedoequals1 23rd Nov 2019, 10:39 AM edit delete reply
One of the characters I added to my campaign late was literally railroaded into it by an NPC the other players all knew. She arrived on a train, and the NPC met her at the station and told her she was perfect for a job she needed done, and basically didn't stop talking until the party was already on the road to the first objective, with the new character following along in bewilderment. It worked out perfectly, because she had to ask the other players for context, and they all got acquainted in the process.
Jennifer 23rd Nov 2019, 1:02 PM edit delete reply
I cheat. Because I play with kids at work, I can't expect to have the same group or players even two sessions in a row. So my "party structure" is a large military unit of which any and all PCs are a part. It's an element of the City Guard, and whatever players show up are whoever the Captain pulled out of line and ordered to deal with the day's crisis. All they see of this important NPC is: "The Captain bursts into the garrison break room, hollers, 'There's a fire in the Wizards' Quarter. You, you and you! Go deal with it."
Robin Bobcat 23rd Nov 2019, 11:33 PM edit delete reply
"Suddenly there is a great light. A heavenly shoir sings gloriously in words unknown yet familiar. Descending from the scies on a shaft of silver light is a figure, a sure sign by the gods that this person is to join your great quest...

... the shaft of light cuts out about three feet above the ground, sending them face first into a mud puddle, a sure sign from the gods that they shouldn't let things go to their head."
Kaze Koichi 25th Nov 2019, 7:05 AM edit delete reply
So, after one successful campaign with the group I started another one yesterday. We have a new player, but as there is a start of the campaign, I shouldn't have any problem to introduce him, right?
Wrong. The thing is: the party is composed of agents of the inquisition, and the new player doesn't want to be inquisitor. We also spent half an evening helping him build a character, so I wanted to start a game already, and just hurried the things up.
So, the party are on a mission to discover an evil cult, and I made them get lost in the forest. A new player, a male lynxman hunter met them there, and my idea was that he'll serve as their guide to get out. No can do! A new player decided to wait and see what the others are up to. Then the orc and the dark elf decided to vent their frustration by vandalizing a forest. Now the hunter hates them, and has no desire to help. Eventually the party found their way out of the forest, with the hunter tailing them. Here he decided to just return to his hunt. The session is over, and I'm back to square one.